Premier Services


Our Premier Destination Services intend to cover all major needs of anyone relocating to a new country: getting the necessary permits and authorisations enabling one to move and be operational, finding a shelter to live under and adapting to a new culture / environment. We categorised them under three main services.


Administrative Support  

With our Administrative Support we offer support in obtaining official documents such as visas, travel permits for spouse and/or children, residence permits and work authorisations. These documents are crucial for a successful relocation, therefore their applications need to be handled with utmost attention and appropriate timing. A complete, timely and correct application is the only way to increase the chances of having a positive outcome from the delivering authorities.




Many would describe life as an art on its own, however, performing this art in an unfamiliar place can be quite challenging if the ideal living standards are not met. This is where Relocateur enters into the game and extends a hand, together with our housing specialists, to find the right residence based on pre-discussed requirements.







Cultural Shock & Integration Support 

If we think of relocation as jumping from an airplane with a parachute, the purpose of Cultural Shock & Integration Support is not to avoid the fall but to make the landing as smooth as possible.


Everyone who chooses to benefit from our two other Premier Destination Services is entitled to a two-hour session that gives useful tips and knowledge about the landing. And, if a more in-depth and personal support is required, we are able to offer, together with our Coach, a tailor-made solution combining different modules such as Initial Integration Support, Adaptation Support, Reversed Integration Support and a midterm evaluation.